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Infoblox NIOS 8.4.4 now supports multi-subscription vDiscovery in Azure

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Did you know? As of NIOS 8.4.4, muti-subscription vDiscovery in Azure is now here.  In versions 8.4.3 and earlier, you would need to configure multiple vDiscovery jobs within the grid to be able to discover across multiple subscriptions.  With this newly launched feature, you are now able to perform a single vDiscovery job and have all the pertinent information populated into a single network view.


Per the release notes, you can specify the same client ID and client secret for a vDiscovery job in which multiple subscriptions are associated with a single application in Microsoft Azure. For more information, see the “Configuring vDiscovery Jobs” topic in the NIOS online documentation.


One thing to be aware of, that is called out in the admin guide, while performing vDiscovery containing multiple subscriptions, you need to provide a minimum time gap of 9 minutes between the current vDiscovery job and the next scheduled vDiscovery jobs to avoid overlapping and loss of data.


Many customers have asked for this feature and we are happy to now provide it.  The only requirement is to upgrade to NIOS 8.4.4 or greater.  Please refer to the admin guide and release notes for additional information.


As always, I recommend checking with your Infoblox account team if you have any questions or concerns around this feature or if you have concerns with upgrading itself.  Another best practice is to consider opening a proactive support case prior to upgrading to ensure support is aware of the planned upgrade.



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