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Troubles with external secondary when using multiple views

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Hi all,

does anyone have a recommendation on how to configure Infoblox if you have multiple views and an external secondary?

My current implementation works but it's cumbersome: I've enabled different TSIG keys (one for each view), and then the external secondary can always do the zone transfer presenting the correct key for each view.

Unfortunately this voids the use of also-notify on Infoblox as if I add the external secondary to the view it will be added on first positions on that view's "match-client" directive, making it impossible to match the other views (as first match is sufficient).


If I were to do this on Bind9 it would be something in the lines of:

- each view having the servers on also-notify (using the TSIG keys)

- do not add the server to match-client directive (only the TSIG key, and the other clients hitting that view)


Is there any way to do this on the GUI?




Move topic?

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Shouldn't this topic be moved to the DDI forum?

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