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We Know What You Want at Bloxfest: For Us Not to Tell You What You Want


Bloxfest, the first customer conference from Infoblox, is coming in May 2016. From formal surveys and informal conversations, we know what you want at Bloxfest: For us not to tell you what you want.


In other words, the best customer conferences are built around what customers want to learn, not what vendors want to say. Customers also want an opportunity to talk among each other as much as they want to hear from the vendor’s leaders and technical experts.


So we’re handing the microphone to you. We’ve set up a Bloxfest forum in the Infoblox Experts Community where you can make recommendations on how Bloxfest will be organized and the topics to be discussed. Even if you haven’t decided whether to attend yet, please share your thoughts on what Bloxfest should be.


FYI, Bloxfest is scheduled for May 17-19, 2016, at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. We’ve just set up a “save the date” page at, where you can give your email address and then get updates on the event – including special early-bird deals – when our registration page is launched in about a month.


We hope to hear from you!

‎12-10-2015 02:37 PM - edited ‎12-17-2015 09:07 AM

By now you've probably heard about the conference and of course read the blog above.  But, did you know we've recently launched a Bloxfest forum area where you can post questions, submit suggestions, etc?


Stay tuned for next Wednesday, when we announce something about the show that will put the proverbial exclamation point and make its mark!


Visit the Bloxfest Forum here!


Submit your Session Ideas here!

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