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Sample Generic Perl Script For Use with DDI API

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This script is a generic Perl script template that I created a while back so I could easily leverage a lot of the basic actions that I typically need when working with the API.  I don't always need everything in it but it's easier to have one template to work from than a bunch of unique scripts.


Most of this is utility type functions for processing command line options, establishing a connection with the Grid Master and then having a spot for all of the "custom" code to perform specific operations.  If there's interest, I'll post a couple of examples of specific tasks later.

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Re: Sample Generic Perl Script For Use with DDI API

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Hey Eric, hope you're doing well. Thanks a mil for sharing that. 

We're trying to compile a perl script that first does basic checks on the DDI box:

"Is DNS query disabled?"

"All the grid members up?"

"Is the time synced to the local NTP server?"


Then, does a dns query test that queries "all" their zones, outputs the results to a file, then does a comparison with another file that contains the expected output to verify they both match.  


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