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API Query: Fetch TTL value

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Is there any API to fetch TTL value a)@ Grid Level b)@ Zone Level

In case the question isnt

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In case the question isnt clear let me explain again. We are trying to fetch A, PTR etc records and diplaying it in one of our application. So we also want to display TTL value. However if we fetch A record etc it doesnt show TTL value if it is either inherted from Zone or Grid. If i specifically give TTL value then only i get TTL value. Is there any API by which i can fetch TTL for Zone and Grid Level? I found one solution but can't find equivalent for REST API

How to get the default TTL for a zone

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My apologies for the delay in responding. To get the default TTL for a zone you can do a GET request for a URL like the following:,use_gr...

The corresponding curl command would be

curl --tlsv1 --insecure --user 'admin:infoblox' ',use_gr...

The value of the soa_default_ttl field is the TTL value that will be used by default for records in the zone. If the value of use_grid_zone_timer is False then the TTL value is inherited from the grid default TTL setting; if the value of use_grid_zone_timer is True then the grid default TTL value has been overridden and a TTL value set specifically for that zone.

Unlike in the Perl API, in the RESTful API there is no way to directly retrieve (or set) the grid default TTL value. There is a grid:dns object that would be the obvious place to put a field for this, but there is no such field in the latest API version (2.1, for NIOS 7.1). If you'd like a way to do this, please work with your account manager and SE to have them submit a formal Request for Enhancement (RFE).

Thank you so much Frank.

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Thank you so much Frank. Thanks a lot.
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