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Incorporating Network Insight into Existing Grid

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I have a production grid (7 servers) running 6.10.6, and a development grid (one box) running 7.3.4.

My intent is to upgrade production to 7.3.4 in the near future.


I've also been tasked at getting up to speed with Network Insight (NI), of which I currently know very little.  I've requested an eval, and the software I got appears to be 7.2.6.  Are there any issues incorporating this eval software with either 6.10.6 or 7.3.4, or does everything need to be same rev?  Perhaps there are newer versions of NI available, but this is what I have at the moment.


Is there any guidance for incorporating NI with an established grid?  Are there any decent resources to demonstrate the functionality of NI? I'm also curious as to why Network Insight came into existence.  What was NetMRI's flaw which required it's replacement?

Re: Incorporating Network Insight into Existing Grid

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Coordinate with your sales team to ensure you have the right version for the eval.  They will provide you access to a portal with all the docs.  Here is a Youtube video on configuring and using NI:


NetMRI wasn't replaced.  What we did was we took the functionality from NetMRI that was complimentary to IPAM (Discovery, Switch Port Management, and IPAM sync) and rolled it into the Grid as Network Insight. NetMRI still supports Discovery, Switch Port Management, IPAM sync, Network change and configuration management, Configuration Compliance, and Analysys for our customers that require that extra functionality.

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