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We're in the process of starting up the use of DNS Scavening, and we're running...
Hi David, You could use display_domain field in zone_auth, it will give you the...
We're attempting to track down a transient issue, and the process we've come up...
Haha! Good catch! I just used the code converted by Postman. Regards, Krishna
I'm looking for a working example of importing an existing ISC dhcpd.leases file, preferably via the WAPI.
Hi, You can take a look the Python section of the Sample Codes in this document. Let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks, Krishna
Where's python 3?
OK, I'm getting closer. I found the correct docs and I've been able to alter the grid properties to allow what I want, now I'm attempting to figure out all of the correct permissions.
OK, great! You said the magic words: “Customer requirement”. I run into a lot of people in my job who have never heard of a host record, and are simply unaware of its role.
How would one add Extensible Attibutes to this script. Assume EA1 = a number 999, and EA2 = "text"

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