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Follow-up on Infoblox Experts Community Survey - What we learned and the iPad drawing winner

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Thank you for your feedback. Here is what you told us.


We are quite thrilled to see the tremendous response to our recently concluded community survey.  Several perspectives came through that survey feedback, ranging from our active users who regularly visit, post, and answer questions to casual visitors who are here to learn about cybersecurity and core networking.


The Winner is ... Rossano

Congratulations to our iPad drawing winner, Rossano. This is a random drawing conducted by utilizing the tools provided by 



After synthesizing the feedback, here are some key takeaways that will guide us for the next fiscal year.


Most respondents are positive about the community.


We saw an overwhelming 75% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied. There is a sizeable chunk of respondents who are neutral or chose NA option. The actual number of negative response was quite low in low single digits. We will strive to improve this favorable rating during the next fiscal year.


You are primarily in the community to ask questions and learn.


The top three activities of our members are asking questions, watching tech videos and reading blogs. Since these activities span multiple facets of the community, we are excited to see the varied interest and believe that will be the basis for a vibrant community that can grow beyond the Infoblox customer base.


You are looking for improved experience.


While it is a relative ranking, we can understand that you are looking for continued improvements in the user experience on the website, faster responses, increased participation from community members.


You are asking for more depth in examples and quality in contributions

We will take this feedback to our subject matter experts to arrive at a plan of action. At the same time, we have heard that you are looking for tech videos and samples that can help in the day-to-day use of Infoblox products.


You reminded us that the community needs to be global

Infoblox is a global company, but we have room for improvement when we think about executing programs such as community webinars. We will make an effort to offer expanded schedules for our tech webinars.


Where do we go from here?

We are actively considering your feedback for our FY19 plans. You can expect some changes to our community awards, contributions (blogs, tech articles, tech videos, and community webinars), and the website experience. We will keep you posted via our General Announcements section.


Let us keep in touch!

Our community gives you tremendous flexibility in choosing the way you want to stay connected. Consider subscribing/opting into one or more of the following:


Community Digest

– we deliver this weekly to your Inthe box with latest news on webinars, blogs, and most recent topics. Also, the digest will showcase the latest product announcements and upcoming event participation by Infoblox.  Many of the respondents of the survey are subscribers to the Community Digest.


Click here to subscribe to the digest.


Select Community Digest below and enter your information.


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Subscribe to RSS Feeds on forums

– this is a great way to get all the latest posts from a specific forum. Do make sure you subscribe to the General Announcements, Product Announcements, and discussion forums and blogs of your choice.

In order to subscribe, locate the RSS icon located just above the forum header and click on the icon. You will need a RSS reader or compatible software that can receive the RSS feeds.


The figure below shows the location of the RSS icon for every discussion forum/blog.


RSS icon.png



Check out our new Tech docs website for latest documentation on Infoblox products.
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