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[July 19] A Python Primer for NetMRI - Community Webinar

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If you are a NetMRI customer or considering to use it or just curious on what it is, you can't miss this very informative deep-dive, tech talk by our NetMRI guru, Sif Baksh. 


Sif recently wrote a tech article on this subject. This webinar will build on top of that article.


Register today for this webinar and share with your colleagues.


A Python Primer for NetMRI

An Infoblox Experts Community LIVE Webinar

Speaker - Sif Baksh, Sr. Systems Engineer, Infoblox

NetMRI gives you a framework to focus your automation tasks around. As a network engineer, you have a choice to use Python or CCS scripting in NetMRI. As Python is relatively newer than CCS, you may be wondering how to get started.

Join this informative tech deep-drive on how to use Python to automate tasks.

What you will learn:
- Automation options in NetMRI
- Differences between CCS Scripting and Python
- Requirements to using Python in NetMRI
- 5 Python scripts to know to get started
- Best practices in using Python in NetMRI

Sif Baksh, Sr. Systems Engineer, Infoblox
A hard-core techie, Sif has been with Infoblox for a number of years in multiple organizations including support, professional services, and sales. Sif is a sought-after guru of NetMRI and he regularly contributes to Infoblox Experts Community by providing advice, sample scripts and writing tech articles. More information on Sif can be found on his LinkedIn profile page.
Looking forward to seeing you.
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