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Your feedback matters. Take the feedback survey by July 31, 2018

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Hi All - the Infoblox Experts Community has undergone significant changes in the last 12 months. Many of the changes were made based on multiple data points that were available to us by looking at our community health. 


We are excited to launch our community feedback survey to continue the community evolution. The community has become an essential part of your lives, to learn, share, and network with your fellow community members. While the organic growth is exciting, there is always an opportunity to improve, build on our success, and also take the community to new heights. 


I am excited to announce the launch of our feedback survey. The survey has less than ten questions, and it should only take a few minutes to complete. 


You are automatically entered into an iPad drawing once you complete the survey. Don't forget to give your email to enter the drawing.


We firmly believe that each of you can guide us by giving feedback on the following:

  • Website experience
  • Discussion forums - the quality of the topics, replies, speed, the feedback mechanism, should we change the forum categorization
  • Technical articles - topics to cover, frequency, depth of the articles
  • Videos - the type of videos you would like to see, topics
  • Live discussions - Facebook Live discussions with experts, topics
  • Community webinars - topics we should cover, frequency, who do you want to hear from in the webinars


Take the Infoblox Experts Community survey now.



What did we accomplish last year?


Here are some achievements we are truly excited about.


  • Revamped the website UI/Branding/Navigation - the new user interface and updates to navigation enabled our users to find the content they are looking for quickly and easily while enabling us to add more forums as the conversation topics grow.
  • Premium content such as Tech Videos - we have launched the Tech Videos section to provide easy access to the demos, technical videos, and webinar archives that provided both industry and product level knowledge. These videos are created by our Infoblox Technical Marketing team, which has in-depth insights into the partner integrations, demos on various Infoblox products. The Tech Videos section is a one-stop-shop for our new members and existing members alike to learn more about Infoblox products. 
  • Community Digest (subscribe to the digest) - we have launched our digest to bring important updates to you on a weekly basis. Several of you are part of the digest. There are multiple ways you can keep in touch with the community. You can subscribe to notifications to a specific forum or blog. You can also get notifications on a specific topic, whether you are following or you have initiated. The community digest gives one more opportunity but with a twist. We curate latest blogs, discussion topics, technical articles, and event announcements like "Hack No to DNS Security" or our community webinars such as "DTC Under the Covers: New Functionality in NIOS 8.2 and 8.3."  There are multiple reasons why you want to subscribe to the community digest:
    • The digest provides all critical updates in one weekly email.
    • Information about the webinars is not available as part of the notifications you receive when you subscribe to a specific forum or a specific set of topics.
    • There is an opportunity to learn more about broader topics that are beyond Infoblox implementation
  • Community Webinars - the tech webinars by the community are a great way to learn more about specific topics related to Infoblox products and beyond. Both of our webinars on machine learning were a great hit. So, was our webinar on Infoblox ActiveTrust update. The two webinars we have conducted on APIs drew a lot of new community members. Since these webinars are technical and delivered our tech experts, you are getting a more in-depth discussion required for architectural, feature and use case level understanding. Our objective in these webinars is to stimulate new ideas and create opportunities to optimize your current Infoblox implementations and sometimes give you a way to try out add-on products such as Reporting and Analytics or DNS Traffic Control (DTC).
  • Partner integrations - a year ago, we had roughly four partners in our Experts Corner. Since the revamp of the site, we have introduced eight other partners such as McAfee, Cisco, Tenable, and Forescout. Infoblox believes in the strength of the ecosystem to maximize from your networking and security stack. Such integration gives you more benefits regarding context to get better results all around.
  • Super User program - this is a program to encourage participation and sharing of your technical knowledge with the fellow community members. The program offers you an opportunity to win the Super User of the Month award. We have one winner for each month from the external community members.  Each member who answered one or more topics is automatically entered into the program. 
  • Contributor program - this program allows you as a community member to share your thought leadership and get paid for it. We had multiple guest bloggers and speakers in our community webinars. Do check it out. We have a few opportunities before we end the fiscal year (end of July 2018).

We have more exciting programs and initiatives in the planning phase. We need your input to finalize those plans and start the execution in the new fiscal year, which begins on August 1, 2018.


Take the Infoblox Experts Community survey now.


I welcome your comments.



Community Manager

Check out our new Tech docs website for latest documentation on Infoblox products.
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