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DNS upgrade

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Hello Expert,


I have to plan the SW upgrade as our current version NIOS 6.10.1 to NIOS version 7.3.14. My network is configure Infoblox appliance as Grid Masters, Grid Master Candidates and Grid member. All Grid members are connected grid master. After upgrade , Grid master will be restart and all grid member will be restart too. During this restart how can I avoid service impact for my network?

Re: DNS upgrade

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Difficult to say without more information, if you have HA DNS/DHCP servers then the impact will be almost unnoticeable, if you don't have HA then you'll need plan it a bit more carefully.


Take a look at upgrade groups, this can help you stagger the upgrades so all the DNS/DHCP servers don't all go down at the same time. It's covered extensively in the admin guide.


Good luck!




Paul Roberts
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