Export duplicates from Infoblox

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I have duplicated A Record in infoblox

IP: 123.456.789.012 ==> ServerA

IP: 123.456.789.012 ==> ServerB


Both names are repluing to the ping.

There is only one physical server.


How to export the duplicated A records from Infoblox to excel?




Re: Export duplicates from Infoblox

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Hi Dom,


There is no way to generically identify duplicate records in Infoblox. This is because it is normal from a DNS perspective to have records with multiple FQDNs resolving to the same IP address.


However, if you want to export specific records where you know the name or data of the record (fQDN or IP address for A records), you can use filters inside the zone to filter out the data and use the CSV export option ( export visible data) to export the data to a CSV file.




Re: Export duplicates from Infoblox

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If you are not exactly looking for a report and is trying to find the A records associated with one IP, you may run a global search. If looking for a report in one of the latest versions that support CSV job manager, you may export all A records and host records and apply a pivot.

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