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migrate bash script workflow into NetMRI

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New to NetMRI and looking for some initial guidance


What we currently do without going into too much detail:


1- Fetch an xml file from a web server

2- Extract relevant parts into an IPv4 prefix list

3- Upload the prefix list to multiple devices using an expect script


I understand point 3 is a basic function in NetMRI and how to do it, what about points 1 and 2, are there any options to achieve this using NetMRI?


Thanks in advance.

Re: migrate bash script workflow into NetMRI

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Are you saying you want to store the data into custom fields in NetMRI?  If so, you need to determine if it is a new field as part of the Device, or part of a Component, or part of Changes, or Interfaces, or Jobs.  Custom fields can be added under Settings -> General Settings -> Custom Fields.


Once the fields are created, you can import data to them.


If this is not what you are looking for, please elaborate a bit more on what you trying to do.


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