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Anyone willing to share details about their upgrade experience to 7.6.0? Any additional tweeks that needed to be made other than restoring the backup to the new VM? Or share step-by-step what was done to migrate? Thank you in advance, Lon.
Hi Lon. Just looking now. Ive been tied up so not been able to check. At the mo...
Hi hbunger - If your group is not populating after you have added it under as a ...
I was just popping it into my browser and trying it. I can't troubleshoot this more today, but can try and look at it later. You might also try posting this in the Infoblox NetMRI Slack site. Thanks.
Hey Sif, It's tabbed correctly - I can verify by running the same code in pytho...
I like Marty's idea, but you can also check for the well known variable called $device_devicereboottime as well in the script. Should be in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM S format. If Python, drop the preceeding '$'. The Python script then could run the CCS job.
I thought this was Python It wasn't enough code to tell the difference between Perl and Python for me, lol Glad it worked. -Lon.
We have found there is a defect that is causing this behavior, it will be fixed...
Are you saying you want to store the data into custom fields in NetMRI? If so, ...
These are great John! Have the models been updated to the 7.x version yet? Thanks, Lon.

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