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I like Marty's idea, but you can also check for the well known variable called $device_devicereboottime as well in the script. Should be in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM S format. If Python, drop the preceeding '$'. The Python script then could run the CCS job.
I thought this was Python It wasn't enough code to tell the difference between Perl and Python for me, lol Glad it worked. -Lon.
I did the discover now and everything looked like it collected correctly, even ...
I did find a work around using 'requests', but hate the idea of authenticating ...
...and I did try in a script and passed the 'wait':'600' (as a string rather than an integer), but still get requests.exceptions.HTTPError: {u'message': u'SQL::Error', u'error': u'general/unexpected-error'}
Rajiv - Just discovering that the import_custom_config requires both Running and Saved params to be passed to work Would have been much more flexible if we could add one at a time. -Lon.
We have found there is a defect that is causing this behavior, it will be fixed...
Yes, you nee a cloud tab that is on your internal Network That's how I have it set up at my house, very basic 3 router setup, going to add VRFs and some other SDN, vendors ens160 us the interface on my Ubuntu Server
It sounds to me that if you are wanting to export data to other tools then you ...
I have the solution This tip helps me: Python - External Script to Run the "Ad ...

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