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Here is a link to the RAW policy that shows how to use the list https://raw.git...
A little bit of creative API-ing I assume you know the name of the report For t...
Everyone is satisfied with the answers given by you. Thanks, for your support.
Try another deviceID, one that is a supported switch or router. If that doesn't work, maybe best to open a case with Infoblox. -Lon.
The before mentioned issue with the job/details/device_files call now works in ...
I was just popping it into my browser and trying it. I can't troubleshoot this more today, but can try and look at it later. You might also try posting this in the Infoblox NetMRI Slack site. Thanks.
Hey Sif, It's tabbed correctly - I can verify by running the same code in pytho...
This issue has been resolved now via a hotfix. v7.3.2-NETMRI-31568.gpg or v7.3....
I like Marty's idea, but you can also check for the well known variable called $device_devicereboottime as well in the script. Should be in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM S format. If Python, drop the preceeding '$'. The Python script then could run the CCS job.
I thought this was Python It wasn't enough code to tell the difference between Perl and Python for me, lol Glad it worked. -Lon.

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