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newbie: Associating CNAME to A record

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On IPAM v8.2.1, I successfully CSV import my A records. Next, I tried to do a CSV import of CNAME but failed as there is a duplicate A record which I imported before. Below is an example using infoblox documenation. How does this work?





Also another question is that I've been doing most of my work on IPAM module such as importing A records, I took a look at the DNS module "default" and don't see any of my IPAM work. I thought if I populate IPAM, it would auto populate the DNS module but I am a newbie, so what do I knowSmiley Happy  Any ideas?

Re: newbie: Associating CNAME to A record

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You can do it in one shot in one file. This worked for me:


header-arecord fqdn* address* view
arecord default
header-cnamerecord fqdn* canonical_name* view
cnamerecord default


And of course, the CNAME FQDN ( part must not exist in the db. Else it is not possible to add it.



Re: newbie: Associating CNAME to A record

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thanks, I had my data backwards which result in a duplication error. I switch the data btwn fqdn and canonical_name colums and it worked!


Thanks for replying!

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