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Hi Kvasundevan, In the above example, can I use multiple arguments like host_name and Ip_address and and then the result should be satisfying both of the conditions.??
I don't know in details about it but if your issue is not solved, simply contact geek tech support . They will definitely solve your problem.
Nice information you share thanks for the blog
Nice bog you have written
Would this also apply to pointer records or are these over-written when the new DDNS update happens? Kindly Wasfi
Not possible. You need to Delete and Add again. Use CSV Export/Import to preserve the zone content.
Hi All, I'm wondering, is it common and recommended to host MS Domain Integrate...
Marking a Grid Member as a GMC (candidate grid master) will not cause a reboot ...
Here is a link to configure the Custom DHCP Options
Could you provide the logs for C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Admi...

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