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2 weeks ago
same error not able to fix it .....please help
Enabling the Master Candidate option does not have any impact on services. Prom...
Could you provide the logs for C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Admi...
University Duisburg in Germany provides a signed zone to do the verification: h...
Hello Midos, Good day! Assuming your current configuration to be : 1) An Infobl...
Aug 1, 2018
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Re 1) Yes correct. Re 2) When you import the Zones via 'Import Zone' from the T...
Iam using, how can I extract/import all the details from our intranet website/interface to INFOBOX UI
Hi Ruud, did you open an RFE for "in-view" yet? It would actually be very convenient to have this feature
Thank you! That worked! Apparently I just need to be sure to put only true extattrs in that array.
Jul 23, 2018
I guess I had a Trump moment here. I ment, the leases will be untouched. I edited my first answer. Sorry again.

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