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I'm going to send this to our automation guys, as I've long thought this would be an awesome feature for those times the admin didn't fill out all of the EAs or was perhaps mistaken where a particular city was located.
This is an awesome dashboard! Has it been updated since version 5?
Hi @NJeanselme This is a great script to pull data via API from the reporting m...
BloxOne Threat Defense integration with Fortiguard domain names and IPs brings ...
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Do I just need to paste that XML file in my "edit source" tab and complete those prerequisites?
Hi Jeanselme, How can we add the comment field in the DHCP lease history report. The comment needs to be the Network scope comment. Thanks
Hello, A customer that is centralizing his Public Authorative DNS zones on Info...
You may also want to take a look at this:
You may also want to take a look at this:
The ubiquity – and convenience – of mobile devices and the increasing incidence...

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