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Registering My Product

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Hi Infoblox Community,


We have adquired two Infoblox TE-2225 appliances and the getting started sheet that comes with the appliance says that we have to register our appliances using this registration link the question is:


How many time does it takes to have the appliances registered?


Are there any recommendations about when we have to register our appliances? I mean do we have to register the appliances once we received them or we can wait to register the appliances once they are working?



Jesus Garcia.

Re: Registering My Product

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Usually, it takes a business day to complete the registration process. Registering the product is the first interaction with the support on behalf of this appliance and this will ensure that in the appliance and your id is properly mapped with the support function.


If you find any hiccups during this process, I recommend you to contact the support they will provide guidelines on this.




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