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Updates from dhcp

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Hello team

Can anyone help?


Two standalone infoblox appliances which are not in the same grid are being used, one as the primary DNS server for a zone, the other as a DHCP server that sends DDNS updates to the zone.  

Does this configuration require modification of the DNS configuration settings to allow updates from DHCP?

Re: Updates from dhcp

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IB_DNS = DNS Infoblox

IB_DHCP = DHCP Infoblox

On IB_DHCP you need to configure it to send ddns updates: Configuring DHCP for DDNS - Infoblox NIOS 8.6 - Infoblox Documentation Portal

On IB_DNS you need to configure to allow DDNS updates from IBB (either using a source based ACL or tsig signed updates): Configuring DNS Servers for DDNS - Infoblox NIOS 8.6 - Infoblox Documentation Portal

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