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Network Automation and Compliance (NetMRI)


NetMRI Change CLI Credentials

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Recently we have changed the CLI credentials which used to discover all devices in the network, yet I'm still finding some logs realated to login failure due to use the old creadentials from NetMRI.

Could you please advise on what to do in this case to let NetMRI update the credintials on all devices?




Re: NetMRI Change CLI Credentials

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Increase the priority of the newly added CLI credentials, so that it is above the old ones under Settings-Setup-Credentials-CLI. In order to clear the credentials that NetMRI saves on a 'per-device' basis, you can issue command 'reset-cli' from the admin shell(NetMRI CLI). This will force NetMRI to re-guess CLI credentials for all devices in the environment using the Global CLI credential list. As long as the new credentials are at the top, NetMRI will use it to login to all devices.

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