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Network Automation and Compliance (NetMRI)


NetMRI Topology viewer is a MESS

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I'm probably missing something, but we have NetMRI vesion 7.4 and while I think the Topology viewer could be quite useful it is a jumbled up mess. This feature was introduced on an existing deployment after an update so everything was auto imported into whatever this Topology engine is.   


We have thousands of nodes, and they're all jumbled together to the point where even selecting individual nodes is quite cumbersome, and slow.  So I guess my question is -- is anyone using this feature and if so is there a way of expanding or "exploding" the view (without manually dragging them) so that I can see everything without the nodes being on top of each other?  Also, it seems when I do move a node it just goes back to the constricted view if the page reloads.

Re: NetMRI Topology viewer is a MESS

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If you have too many network devices in the aggregate view and the toplogy looks more like a blob than a network topology you can create and save views.

  1. Use the folder structure on the left to select the devices you want to generate a topology for.
  2. Enter a name for that view in the field that says "Aggregate"
  3. Press save
  4. You can now load that view

If you want you can also change the default view that loads for yourself you can do so under settings.  As admin you can also set the default view for all users.

If you want to create location specific topologies you will need to create location specific device groups and then use those device groups to create a view.

Re: NetMRI Topology viewer is a MESS

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Thanks for the tips.  That is helpful.  I'll see if I can clean it up a bit.

Re: NetMRI Topology viewer is a MESS

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There is a good video also. Topology review is somewere in the middle

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