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Collector are down

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I was trying to start fresh so I export the devices did database reset then import devices, the system reboot, and now the gui under setting>Tunnels and collectors showing down. I can loging to the collector fine, did reboot the collector with no luck,  is there anything I need to check?  please help




Re: Collector are down

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If the OC was reset, then you will have to run "configure tunserver" on the OC and then rejoin the collector to the OC by running "configure tunclient" (on the collector). Output of 'show tunserver' on the OC and 'show tunclient' on the collector should give you more information on whether the systems are connected or not. 


If you finish the above steps and still face issues, I would suggest opening a support case and work with a support engineer on a live session

Re: Collector are down

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Thanks for your time, I looked at the OC, and its showing both collector down

sh tunserver
CA configured: Yes
Server configured: Yes
Proto: tcp
Port: 443
KeySize: 1024
Cipher: AES-128-CBC
Compression: Yes
Service running: Yes
Reference NetMRI SN: N/A
Reference NetMRI Import: Skipped

Client Sessions:
UnitSerialNo: xxxxxxxxx
UnitName: UnitName: NETMRI-COLLECTOR 1
Database Name: DirecTV
UnitID: 1

Status: Offline: Last seen 2020-07-08 19:19:01

UnitSerialNo: xxxxxxxxx
Database Name: DirecTV
UnitID: 2

Status: Offline: Last seen 2020-07-08 19:27:01


on the collector


 NETMRI-COLLECTOR 1> sh setting
Database Name:  
Time Server: xx.xx.xx.xx
Time Region: GMT
Time Location:
Mgmt Port IP Address:
Mgmt Port Subnet Mask:
Mgmt Port IPv6 Address:
Mgmt Port IPv6 Prefix:
Mgmt Port IPv4 Default Gateway:
Mgmt Port IPv6 Default Gateway:
Mgmt Port DNS Server 1:
Mgmt Port DNS Server 2:
Mgmt Port Domain Name 1: NETMRI-COLLECTOR 1
Mgmt Port Domain Name 2:
Scan Port IP Address:
Scan Port Subnet Mask:
Scan Port IPv6 Address:
Scan Port IPv6 Prefix:
Scan Port IPv4 Default Gateway:
Scan Port IPv6 Default Gateway:


when I try to configure the turncilent

getting this error message

+++ Stopping Server ...
+++ Synchronizing virtual networks between OC and collector ...
Getting OC virtual networks ...
Error trying to access /netmri/api/unit/virtualnetnames.tdf: 302 Found
There are no network views defined on the OC, you must have at least one
created, and any network view common between the OC and the collector
must have the same name.


would you please assist



Re: Collector are down

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I believe , you are already working with Support to resolve this. This would be easier to resolve over a live session.


Please do update this thread, if the issue still persists

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