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HP EVI L2 protocol for HA

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l would like to ask if there could be a problem if we use HP EVI L2 protocol for HA

our IBs are in different buildings ?



Re: HP EVI L2 protocol for HA

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To set up NetMRI in an HA setup your two nodes have to be on the same subnet as the replication is very intensive and sensitive to latency. If you plan to span that subnet to a different location it is not guarnateed to work and goes against the best practices. 


Getting the two nodes out of sync and split brain scenarios are possible.

Re: HP EVI L2 protocol for HA

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we found out that it was a HP switch issue was related to the layer 2 connectivity over the HP EVI protocol


configured a dedicated link between the two sites and after this the grid became green again.

The day after we reconnect to the normal ports and everything stayed OK.


We did a HA failover to make the primary site active again and the problem was there again.

A reset of the Layer 2 ISIS processes solved the problem.


We are now further investigating the issue with HP because it's clear that the issue is caused by our HP Core network and not Infoblox.



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