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Introducing latency/jitter between 2 physical networks for testing

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I’m the AV director for a large organization and we will be expanding to another in town location soon. We will purchase a 1gbps point to point link between our campuses from our ISP to stream live, multi channel audio via Dante and video via mpeg2 network encoders. I need to do all of my homework now as we’ll be moving fast when the time comes to install.

With that, I need to simulate our point to point network for testing by intentionally adding 10ms of latency and 2ms of jitter between 2 physical local networks to see how it affects everything or if it introduces something unexpected.

I have access to a Cisco 4948 and and Extreme Summit x440-48p, as well as a computer with dual nics that can run whatever OS necessary. My guess is the solution is to use the tc command that ships with iproute on a bridged nic passthrough, but that’s where things start to get a little blurry in my mind.

Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance!

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