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Kill "send_async_command" on device?

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I seem to have caused a lockup in netmri using the perl module "Netmri_Easy".

I was using the method "send_async_command" and now the device wont let me run any other scripts on it.


"*** Error / SERVER general/cli-error Error: Asynchronous command already running for this device. Only one synchronous or asynchronous command can be run at a time on a single device. https://netmri/api/3.2/cli_connections/send_command.json at /mnt/host/lib/ line 506 


I have tried to reload the device itself with out any progress. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.




Re: Kill "send_async_command" on device?

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Please open a support case, I remember doing this years ago, but not what the solution was Smiley Happy

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