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NetMRI-bootstrap init error

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Hello everyone. I installed netmri-bootstrap on both my Linux Redhat server and Windows desktop. However, when I issue the " init" command to create the local repo, it fails with the same error message (appears to be due to git option --ref) on both on Linux and on Windows desktop below. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.", line 984, in execute
raise GitCommandError(redacted_command, status, stderr_value, stdout_value)
git.exc.GitCommandError: Cmd('git') failed due to: exit code(129)
cmdline: git tag --ref=ddcf0ecfde79b3e77f7a184a9776b5ce98da25eb -f synced_to_netmri ddcf0ecfde79b3e77f7a184a9776b5ce98da25eb
stderr: 'error: unknown option `ref=ddcf0ecfde79b3e77f7a184a9776b5ce98da25eb'
usage: git tag [-a|-s|-u <key-id>] [-f] [-m <msg>|-F <file>] <tagname> [<head>]
or: git tag -d <tagname>...
or: git tag -l [-n[<num>]] [<pattern>]
or: git tag -v <tagname>...

-l list tag names
-n[<n>] print <n> lines of each tag message
-d delete tags
-v verify tags

Tag creation options
-a annotated tag, needs a message
-m <msg> message for the tag
-F <FILE> message in a file
-s annotated and GPG-signed tag
-u <key-id> use another key to sign the tag
-f, --force replace the tag if exists

Tag listing options
--contains <commit> print only tags that contain the commit

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