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'No response from discovery service; connection refused

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I have added the infoblox ND appliance into grid and enabled service. The service is enabled and i can see the status green.


But when i click on 'Data management -> Devices' it gives me error 'No response from discovery service; connection refused' . i am not able to do discovery due to this




In debug logs, i can see 'check and restart discovery core failed'

Re: 'No response from discovery service; connection refused

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Hi team,


Any possible reasons..

My box even not accepting 'reset all' command..It starts reset but ends with error stating file/directory missing.

Any other way to reset or any possible hardware issue?

Re: 'No response from discovery service; connection refused

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This often occurs because either the CLI credentials or SNMP credentials provided for discovering the device do not work, or another problem occurs in some part of the discovery process.


please double check your credentials then check to see if port scanning is enabled and that your basic polling collections are set up correctly.


Here is a best practice guide for reference:

Infoblox Best Practice Guide for Discovery 


thank you,

Kevin Zettel

'dRe: 'No response from discovery service; connection refused

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I suggest creating a support ticket to investigate the issue by our engineers. It seems something goes wrong within the discovery service.

NetMRI/NI Architect

Re: 'dRe: 'No response from discovery service; connection refused

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Hi Community,


Yea, it looks like the discovery service is not working properly, I have raised a TAc case already and they are suspecting some corruption in the backend.

As this is deployed in a dark site, I am unable to provide root access to an online TAC.

Tac has suggested to do power cycle ( using the hidden switch in front panel ) and factory reset from an emergency prompt. But I have two queries here,

  1. Manual power cycle -- I have rebooted the device multiple times using the reboot command, does a manual power cycle differs from this and could help here?
  2. reset from emergency prompt -- Even in emergency prompt, the command to reset is reset all, this command didn't work from admin login ( gave an error)-  will it work from the emergency prompt by any chance.

this is the error in infoblox.log,




[2021/02/08 18:35:08.677] (23113 <py>/infoblox/dns/bin/cdiscovery_executor) /infoblox/dns/bin/cdiscovery_executor:82 main(): called with ['/infoblox/dns/bin/cdiscovery_executor', '-c', 'stop']

[2021/02/08 18:35:08.677] (23113 <py>/infoblox/dns/bin/cdiscovery_executor) /infoblox/dns/bin/cdiscovery_executor:33 do_stop(): send quit message to the cdiscovery_executor process

[2021/02/08 18:35:08.678] (23113 <py>/infoblox/dns/bin/cdiscovery_executor) amqp_connection_error(): AMQPConnectionError: The AMQP connection was closed:





Thanks in advance!.


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