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Network Change & Configuration Management


Removed but not deleted network devices

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We currently keep network devices in the NetMRI database for 30 days after their physical removal (in order to retain the device configuration backup). However, this leads to connection/login errors when running automated CCS/Pyhton scripts on the removed devices (part of a device group). The change blackout feature could be a possible answer but I believe it can only be applied to a group / network rather than individual devices and the 'locked change' attribute still tries to login to the removed devices.


Is there a NetMRI attribute / feature to identify physically removed devices to "skip" them during job automation? 


I suppose we could create a custom field to identify removed devices and filter on them within automation job/scripts but just wondering if there's a built-in feature in NetMRI we can leverage.Thanks.



Re: Removed but not deleted network devices

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You can exclude them from the Group Smiley Happy and/or create another group with those devices base on the custom fields.



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