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Use SHELL command on Infoblox vNIOS?

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Dear sirs,


I'm studying to deploy vNIOS last week. Now I can use 'ovftool' & 'GOVC' to deploy vNIOS with 'vApp Options'. In the Post-deployment, I just want to use CLI or scripting to finish these tasks, like as Creating a Grid, Join Grid Member, Apply Hotfixes and Config RPZ,etc.
NIOS CLI seems not to work very well. WAPI seems to be the way? Can I have a chance to touch NIOS's SHELL?

Thank you for yo

Re: Use SHELL command on Infoblox vNIOS?

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Infoblox doesn't provide a full shell, only a limited shell environment. The way forward would be using the API to both configure the current grid and the new grid member.

relevant article: Solved: Join Grid Function: How does it work? - Infoblox Experts Community

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