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A Zone with local and public resources at the same time.

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If you have a domain that is a public domain (, for example), you will configure your GRID with an Auth zone which NS are public DNS. Queries from your network users are responding fine, GRID forwarding the queries to public NS, and everything working fine.

But with the same situation, you have only some resources in that domain that should be responded to with local resources (,,, for example). If you configure the auth zone with public forwarding for the domain (in our example, all the public resources are correctly responded to, but the local domain fails. If you configure an auth zone with GRID like NS, the local resources are replayed, but the public domain doesn’t respond.

This configuration is legacy from Microsoft AD and I do not know what would be the best solution to be able to have local resources and public resources in the same domain, some answered by the GRID and others by public forwarding.


Re: A Zone with local and public resources at the same time.

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