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AD DNS Multi master and Infoblox Slave issues

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Hello folks,


I have 2 Active directory DNS which both are multi master and replicate zone using AD replication. And I have Infoblox slave DNS which is the slave zone for AD multi master.


I tested in 2 scenario:

1. one ext primary AD DNS server in Infoblox configuration

2. two ext primary AD DNS servers in Infoblox configuration


My issue for scenario 1 is when there is record update from AD which is inluded in Infoblox slave configuration, zone tranfer is working fine. But when there is record update from another AD which is not included in Infoblox slave configuration, the updated record didn't tranfer to Infoblox slave. I'm sure two AD are in sync because of AD replication and updated record must be tranfer to Infoblox slave right? but it didn't


My issue for scenario 2 is also the same. Althought I add two ext primary DNS servers in Infoblox configuration, there is only one SOA and only one MNAME record which is the first AD DNS. So, record update from server which is in MNAME field is ok but update from server which is not in MNAME field is not ok.


I tested like million times and still not ok. So, I start wondering this design is possible or not. If it's not, please let me know which might be the best solution for AD multi master DNS and Infoblox slave servers.

Re: AD DNS Multi master and Infoblox Slave issues

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Did you solved this issue?

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