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Dear experts


NIOS sends SNMP Traps when a DHCP Range threshold is crossed. The Traps looks like this:

OID: IB-TRAP-MIB::ibThresholdCrossingEvent

011IB-TRAP-MIB::ibNodeName.0 = STRING: ""

011IB-TRAP-MIB::ibTrapSeverity.0 = INTEGER: info(2)

011IB-TRAP-MIB::ibObjectName.0 = STRING: Threshold

011IB-TRAP-MIB::ibCurThresholdValue.0 = INTEGER: 85

011IB-TRAP-MIB::ibThresholdHigh.0 = INTEGER: 85

011IB-TRAP-MIB::ibThresholdLow.0 = INTEGER: 0

011IB-TRAP-MIB::ibTrapDesc.0 = STRING: DHCP high threshold crossed:#012 Member:  Network:  Range:  High Trigger Mark: 85%#012  High Reset Mark: 80%#012  Current Usage: 85%#012  Active Leases: 866#012  Available Leases: 152#012  Total Addresses: 1018


I´m trying to simulate this Trap using the CLI "set snmptrap" This is the command I use


set snmptrap variable ibThresholdCrossingEvent address ibNodeName ibTrapSeverity 2 ibObjectName Threshold ibCurThresholdValue 95 ibThresholdHigh 85 ibThresholdLow 80 ibTrapDesc "DHCP high threshold crossed:#012 Member: Network: Range: High Trigger Mark: 85%#012 High Reset Mark: 80%#012 Current Usage: 85%#012 Active Leases: 866#012 Available Leases: 152#012 Total Addresses: 1018"  


Unfortunately this command does not work. The SNMP Trap that is received looks like this


OID: IB-TRAP-MIB::ibThresholdCrossingEvent


It does not contain any further information.

Does anyone know why this does not work and how to do it correctly?


Thanks in advance


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