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Authoritative DNS Server to Secondary server Zone transfer REFUSED

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Hi, Whenever there is a change in the Authoritative DNS like adding text record, there are a lot of logs with REFUSED log and finally zone transfer ended successfully. ********** refused unexpected rcode resolving './ns/in' ********** one of our ISPs for secondary server updated us below The given reason in the audit log is " Connection timed out". This is generally a temporary issue connecting to the primary nameserver when attempting an update and resolves on its own. In both these instances we were able to immediately contact the backup primary nameservers and update the zone successfully. We would expect this to have no impact on the zones in question. Further information is available in the UltraDNS portal under the Audit tab. Related entries would be under Change Types ZONE_TRANSFER_FAILURE and ZONE_TRANSFER_RESTORE Not sure these are coincided. for same reason or different . finally ended log 2023-07-04T02:09:45+08:00 daemon named[10281]: info client @0x7f11f402dcf0 ( transfer of '': IXFR started (serial 2016012574 -> 2016012575) 2023-07-04T02:09:45+08:00 daemon named[10281]: info client @0x7f11f402dcf0 ( transfer of '': IXFR ended Please advise what cause the log message - refused unexpected rcode resolving './ns/in' Refused unexpected rcode resolving domain './ns/in' Refused unexpected RCODE resolving 'domain/AAA/IN' Thanks.

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