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Changing Grid Master hostname

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Hi Team, 


We are planning to change the Grid Master Host name and keep the IP address as same. The Grid Master is not running any DNS nor DHCP services and is used only for IPAM purposes. We have other designated DNS and DHCP members in the same grid - but there are no changes on them. 


What will be the impact of the host name change - with regards to certificates. We are also using WAPI for few automated services and also LDAP SSL authentication to login to GUI. 

Re: Changing Grid Master hostname

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We just updated the name of our grid master HA members last week.  There was no impact to service as I recall.


As you said, if the certificate has only the old name, your browser will give warning messages that the name does not match.  HTTP Strict Transport Security will cause your browser to lock the site down and you will not be able to easily bypass this.  You could replace the SSL cert with a new SAN SSL Cert with the old and new names.  This way it will work with both names.  I also add the IP address to the SAN list so it can be used as a last resort.

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