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Changing IP address settings via CLI not on master

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Wondering if anyone can help - we moved one of our infoblox servers to a new location today, which (for reasons I won't go into) requires a change of subnet mask and default gateway, but not IP address. 


Unfortunately it's in its new home but can't even connect to the network because it needs said changes, but it appears that these can only be done on the master and pushed to the device?!? Is there any way that we can now get the device on the network, short of driving it the hour back to its last home and connecting it up?


Any help gratefully appreciated!




Re: Changing IP address settings via CLI not on master

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I have almost the same problem. I have two internel DNS servers, both on the same subnet. Both HA pairs. The gateway is an HSRP pair with .1 being the floating virtual IP and .2 and .3 being the two routers.

One of my routers has died and one DNS server seems to have gone with it. I logged in from the router and can see that the down DNS server has .2 as the gateway. I just need to change the gateway, nothing else. Can I do this with "set network" from the CLI without breaking anything?

Did you ever get your's fixed? What did you do in the end?


Re: Changing IP address settings via CLI not on master

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Here some step that you could follow:


1. disjoin that member from the grid using command "set nogrid" from ssh or via serial console (it will restart the box)

2. configure LAN 1 ip by command set network from the cli or via gui by accessing the https service 

3. change the ip of that member from the grid master grid member configuration

4. rejoin the member using the new ip.




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