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Cleaning PTR objects best way

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Hello folks,


I have a warning message of  '107% - Database capacity usage is over the threshold value' on my grid. Even if this does not impact the services, I want to be under 100% parameter. Looking into my capacity objects I see the ptr object is the larger. I'm pretty sure we have a lot of crap regarding PTR records. My question is, what is the best way to achieve this? Scavenging PTR records?

Hardware Type = IB-V825
Database Capacity = 110000 "objects"
Objects Present = 119600 (108 percent used)
Count Area Type
12982 dns bind_a
1234 dns bind_cname
86118 dns bind_ptr
701 dns bind_soa
8659 dns bind_txt
345 dhcp dhcp_fingerprint
982 dhcp dhcp_option_fingerprint
477 dns host
495 dns host_address
3485 dns master_soa
350 dhcp network_container
128 dhcp option_definition
1255 dns srg_zone_linking
707 dns zone
135 grid extensible_attributes_enum
130 grid ib_trap_settings
700 grid zrq_zone

Re: Cleaning PTR objects best way

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One of the options is enable last queried time monitoring for resource records to ensure that there is no queries for specific PTR records. If you realize that there is no query , you can create a rule for scavenging based on this.


Thank you.

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