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Convert reservation to fixed IP

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Hello all, first time post here.


My organization deployed Infoblox to our location. All our Windows DHCP scopes were pulled into IB. Windows reserved addressesd (with mac addresses) got pulled into IB as Excluded/reserved IP. From my understanding that basically is set aside but not really "managed" by IB and doesn't display any useful info. How do I convert reservations to Fixed? Is that possible or do I delete the reservation and Add Fixed IPV4 address?


My apologies but I'm very new to IB and am trying to figure out the "correct" way to use it and maximize its potential.

Re: Convert reservation to fixed IP

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You could try clicking on the hamburger for the range and edit the range.  Make sure you have toggled the advanced mode.  There is a range setting for exclusion that you can view and change.  Can you provide a screen shot of what you are trying to convert.



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