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Create network in IPAM and not appear in DHCP

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Hello guys!


In our environment we have some equipment that IP's are static and not assigned by DHCP.


Every time I create a network in IPAM it appears in the DHCP tab.


I wonder if it is possible to register this network in IPAM and not appear in DHCP, just to have a control of the assigned static IP's.



Re: Create network in IPAM and not appear in DHCP

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This can be a little confusing, but IPAM is a combination of DHCP and DNS data. Networks can be created and as long as you do not assign a Grid member, they will not be served as part of DHCP and will give you ythe behavior that you are looking for. These networks will appear under the DHCP tab for the Grid, but will not be visible when you drill down under the member level.




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