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NTP clocks

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I have implemented NTP with 3 sources and It is not obvious to me which clock is being used.

The top clock has a "+"

The next one has a *

Both of these are stratum 2 clocks

The third one is a stratum 1 but shows as a stratum 16


The CLI documentation does not say what the + and * indicate.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.40.42 AM.png


Thanks for your help



Re: NTP clocks

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The one with the "*" is the one that it is currently using.


If it has a "+" then it will switch to that one if NTPd determines that can give better accuracy. There should normally be multiple clocks with a "+" next to it. This allows NTPd to failover to other clocks if there is a problem.


If any are showing stratum 16 then it is having difficulty contacting that clock - I'd check routing/firewall rules.

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PCN (UK) Ltd

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