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Clean remove of an HA node member

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Currenty stuck with both nodes of an HA pair that is fighting for ACTIVE control. "show network" indicates that both are set to VIP. I've taken one of the members offline to minimize collision. Is there any way to demote the offline HA node? . . .




Re: Clean remove of an HA node member

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This 'dual active condition' commonly occurs when the switching environment does not properly support the communications used for HA. The NIOS Administrators Guide includes steps to verify which should help resolve this issue:


Configuring the Connecting Switch
To ensure that VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) works properly, configure the following settings at the port level for all the connecting switch ports (HA, LAN1, and LAN2):

  • Spanning Tree Protocol: Disable this or enable this with Portfast. For vendor specific information, search for "HA" in the Infoblox Knowledge Base system at
  • Trunking: Disable
  • EtherChannel: Disable
  • IGMP Snooping: Disable
  • DHCP Snooping: Disable or Enable Trust Interface
    Note: You must disable DHCP Snooping to successfully run DHCP services on the Grid. For more information about DHCP services, see About Infoblox DHCP Services.
  • Port Channeling: Disable
    Note: If VLAN tagging in enabled on an Infobolox HA appliance, you must enable trunking at the port level.
  • Speed and Duplex settings: Match these settings on both the Infoblox appliance and switch
  • Disable other dynamic and proprietary protocols that might interrupt the forwarding of packets


Once any outstanding issues are resolved, the two nodes should automatically sort themselves out. If you continue to see any issues, be sure to reach out to Infoblox Support and they can help walk through the troubleshooting steps a bit better.




Re: Clean remove of an HA node member

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Log onto the console of the offline member and do "reset database". Don't preserve network settings, you don't want any chance for this box to interfere with the good node.


Once you have fixed the network issues (as highlighted above), do "set network", set the LAN1 IP address and rejoin it to the grid.

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