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CSV Import Question

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Hello All,


I need some advice regarding CSV import


I only need to change the DHCP (252) option on 150 Subnets as per our customer request.The remaining Parametes on the 150 subnet remains the same.


Can somone please explain how to perform this action via CSV import. Doing it manually will take a long time.


Thnaks in advance for all the help and suggestion





Re: CSV Import Question

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First, run a CSV Export and get your current data out to build a CSV template.  Remove columns that aren't needed, are blank, or won't be changed.  Remove all extraneous data, for example networks/rows that you do not need; keep the headers and one or two lines of current data as a base to start you off so you have an idea of what you need to change/update for your import file.  


Update the DHCP Option data that you need to change and save the file.  When running the import, choose the import method of 'Overwrite' -- remember to be careful here and review your import file multiple times and make sure ONLY WHAT YOU'RE CHANGING IS INCLUDED IN THAT IMPORT FILE.  if you have metadata in there and mistakingly make a change you can impact your environment and cause an issue. 


Be sure to also save a file of the ORIGINAL data, in case you have to revert the changes you've just made.

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