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I can ping the other from both
Hello bro! I really wanted to create dashboards like those ones. may you explain me the step by step to create them?
Hello Steve, I’m not sure if you’re still looking for this. But this simple SPL...
spt626, Check that the service account in AD has the proper permissions (DHCP Admin). Normally any connections errors are either due to network/firewall rules or user ID permissions with the ID that was created for the data sync.
Thank you Tony. I'll reply back with results once I get them.
Has anyone developed a report that matches the DNS Statistics dashboard widget?...
Hey bkward, Adding the data connector will absolutely increase the reporting da...
RM, First, run a CSV Export and get your current data out to build a CSV templa...
Can you provide a little more detail into what you're looking to accomplish here? In order to provide assistance, you'll have to be a bit clearer. Are you looking to export records? Are you looking to export options?
You will encounter issues if you make large DHCP Ranges. Specifically, we use /...

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