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DDI | DNS Replication | Infoblox & MS DNS

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Due to some reason I have some DDI requirement which require to sync/replicate DNS record between Infoblox & other MS DNS.

(Example 01 if i added update/add new record on MS DNS and it will automatically sync to infoblox and vice versa).


How can we achieve this without using MS Managment license?


Thanks you in advance.



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Hi Shawn,



Two way sync for DNS is not possible without MS management license. If you can get away with one way sync, then you can have one side as the primary and the other side as the secondary- but you'd only be able to modify the zone on the primary side.

Re: is nRe: DDI | DNS Replication | Infoblox & MS DNS

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Hi Jrajan,


Thanks for your response.


Well noted on that.


Some further question, is there any config reference guide for one way sync (Example: MS DNS sync to IB).


Appreciate it in advance.






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