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DDI Learning and Lab Material

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Dear Community Members; I am looking for any labs for infoblox where I can practices DDI/DNS. Any one have idea how can I get , since i dont have enough space on my laptop , I need any cloud environment(shouldn't be costly) where I can deploy DDI or any infoblox services for my practices, Also I am looking for someone who can volunteerly guide me in learning infoblox

Re: DDI Learning and Lab Material

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You might want to look into some aws options:


For the instance type, you should be able to get away with t2 small or medium. I use t2 medium.. although it will have a lower performance, it works fine for regular testing. t2 micro (the one smaller than t2 small) will be painfully slow- stay away from it.


Here's a deployment guide if you decide to go with AWS:


Even if you have a low spec laptop, you should still be able to run atleast one Infoblox VM on it... just lower the specs to the following before starting it up:

1 or 2 cores

2 GB memory

100 GB Storage (may be possible to lower this, but never tried, my standalone GM running on my laptop is at 36.1 GB)


Anything lower may cause the GUI to be too slugish. You'll need to deploy more than one VM if you want to configure some features like DHCP Failover Associations, Multi Master DNS, Reporting, etc.


Re: DDI Learning and Lab Material

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need little more assistance

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