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Delegate all subzones to a name server

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Is there a way to delegate all subzones to a name server instead of creating an individual delegation for each subzone one by one.


Re: Delegate all subzones to a name server

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Hello There,


Unfortunately no. Take it this way :


-> Your DNS server is authoritative for

-> You have an entry for

-> But you're also defining * delegated to external.server.

-> Now you're querying for

-> How do you expect the server to handle that ?


PS : Infoblox won't let you create such conflicts in the first place(Now if you create as a delegation within, A record would be auto deleted from's zone DB).


So Delegations has to be specific & in bind you can't create wildcard delegations. I recommend automating this as a workflow using REST APIs(Create delegations quickly from a text file etc). Good luck,


Best regards,


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