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DHCP mark IP address free timeout

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Hi communities,

I'm new on Infoblox and I'm wondering if there is someway to set a kind of idle timeout on the DHCP options not to free a previously granted IP as free until that timeout is expired.

the problem I have is that Cisco WLAN controller (WLC) has an idle timout and don't remove a session until that which is set to 30 minutes as for Cisco best practices. This is set to avoid a device entering a coverage hole and deleting the session inmediately and then having to pass all the association phase again when coming into coverage area again.

The problem is that when a device (DEVICE1) disconnect from wireless, the session is kept on the WLC for 30 minutes. When a new device connects (DEVICE2), it is up to Infoblox to assign a new IP address. Some times it happen that Infoblox assign the IP from DEVICE1 to DEVICE2, wo WLC thinks this is an IP Theft event and it block DEVICE2.

The second problem is that nothing can be done wihtout admin intervention to remove previous DEVICE1 session on WLC, as Infoblox is matching DEVICE2 MAC to the same IP address once and again.

That is why I'm asking about some idle timeout in Infoblox to solve this scenario.



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