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DHCP Migration

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Dear Expert,

Need seek for the advise, we are planning to tech refresh for our customer from 820 to 825.
Currently they are running 2 unit 820 in DHCP failover group.

1 x Grid Master
1 x Grid Member

So the question is when we do migration is it just copy the grid backup file and restore to the new unit, anything we need to aware? like need to inform customer to refresh their ARP table from the core switch?

Many thanks for your help.

Re: DHCP Migration

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For the GM

If you have the IP addresses etc, add a 825 and make the Grid Master a HA pair, wait for sync and everything is green.  Then delete the HA retaining the 825 as GM.   This method is non service impacting.

Alternatively, add a 825 as a Grid Master Candidate, promote it, and delete the old Grid Master.  This could be service impacting since its a DR event.   I'd recommend the HA approach.


For the DHCP member

After you have worked on the Grid Master, and all is good, shutdown the DHCP member, then join the new 825 to the Grid as the DHCP members replacement.   Assuming the DHCP failover is working/configured correctly, this should also be non impacting.

Re: DHCP Migration

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Dear Sir, many thanks on this Smiley Happy

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