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DHCP not service host address

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I've got a weird situation where I've got a host assigned a static IP address, with a MAC address, and DHCP is enabled. However, the device isn't getting that IP address, instead pulling from the DHCP pool. This is a problem for me because there's special DHCP options that are supposed to be sent to this device, and it's not getting them as a result. I've checked the logs to see that the MAC is coming through as I expect, and it is; it's just not serving the record.


We have other devices like this one, set up in the same way, which work fine. Anyone have an idea what might be going on?

Re: DHCP not service host address

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Well, it turned out the DHCP service didn't get restarted, but I also didn't have the popup asking me about a restart of services, so I had no idea it was needed. Is there any way to get the services to auto-restart periodically if needed?

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