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DKIM 4096 bit keylength

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Hello, does infoblox support a DKIM record of 4096 bit keylength? If so, how does one implement this as the field for a txt record is only 512 characters long?

Re: DKIM 4096 bit keylength

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You gotta split the strings. Create multiple records of the same name.


Per RFC 4408 3.1.3:

As defined in [RFC1035] sections 3.3.14 and 3.3, a single text DNS record (either TXT or SPF RR types) can be composed of more than one string. If a published record contains multiple strings, then the record MUST be treated as if those strings are concatenated together without adding spaces.


For example:

IN TXT "v=spf1 .... first" "second string..."
MUST be treated as equivalent to

IN TXT "v=spf1 .... firstsecond string..."
SPF or TXT records containing multiple strings are useful in constructing records that would exceed the 255-byte maximum length of a string within a single TXT or SPF RR record.


Note that this is NOT the same as having multiple records at the same label

@ IN TXT “something”

@ IN TXT “something else”

Is not the same as

@ IN TXT “something” “something else”


The above will always come out the same, important for key data. The former/first will undoubtedly come out the wrong way round sometimes.


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