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DNS Scavenging issue with API imported zones

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I'am looking at enabling DNS Scavenging for all my zones and records (at least the "Last Queried Time" option).


I configured it at the Grid level and when I create a new zone directly in GUI, I can see that it works, the different columns are initialized (Records Monitored = Yes, I can see the Last Queried Time, etc.).

This works well for the zone and for host created in the zone (again, everything via the GUI).


However, I'am in a complex migration process and I have to create my zones with WAPI (2.10, Blox are in 8.4.6).

For the zone created via the API, the column "Records Monitored" is showing "No", and DNS Scavenging is not working.


When you check the zone configuration in the GUI, it inherited its DNS Scavenging parameters from the Grid and it shows exactly the same thing that the zone created with the GUI. Even when I override the Grid settings to explicitly enable the DNS Scavenging, it still doesn't works.


I can't figure out why this is not working.


Does any body has any idea? Am I missing something?

Also, is there any performance issue regarding the activation of DNS Scavenging on 50k+ records?


Thank you

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